Lair of the Mountain King is a picture-based forum game currently in progress at the Goblins Comic forum here.

Eight goblins must find their way into the ancient mountain lair of their ancestors to unlock the secrets of their clan heritage and reclaim their rightful home under the mountain. The game is currently playing through Chapter One, in which the major objective is to find the entrance to the mountain lair and gain entry, but there is plenty of exploring to be done along the way!



“Ours was once a mighty clan. Living in the mountains of the north had made us strong and cunning and we knew a great many secrets of those wild lands and the ancient magics that shaped them. Our lives were hard, but the mountains were rich with metals and magic and we learned to forge wondrous tools and weapons and treasures there. But the mountains were cold and barren and we were forced to trade with outsiders to feed ourselves as the clan grew in numbers, and slowly word of our tribe began to spread.

Inevitably, people grew jealous of our wealth and wanted to take them for themselves. And so, they started coming – adventurers of different species and talents all of whom believed that mere goblins were not worthy of such treasurers, even those we made with our own hands and wove with magic from our own songs. But, we were strong then and we had all the defensive advantages of a mountain riddled with caves and although we lost a few trinkets, we held onto everything of value.

But that was before the Fall.

It was inevitable in the end. An enemy came that we could not defeat, who knew something of the secrets of our magic and could turn them against us. In the end, we believe that the Chief and a small group of elite goblin warriors and magic-weavers managed to lure the enemy deep into the caves, before sealing the entrances, trapping him and themselves forever. No-one knows what happened to any of them, as no goblins ever returned to the mountains to find out.

Without access to the wealth and protection of the mountain, we were forced further and further south, living hand-to-mouth as we tried simply to survive the passing seasons, selling off what little we had kept with us simply for a little food or clothing to last another winter. We few are now all who are left of our clan, and I do not believe there will be many generations after us unless we make a change. Though we have forgotten much of what we once were, I intend to take us back to the mountains of the north and we will reclaim them for our own. I am your Chief, the descendant of Chief Lost-in-the-Mountains who was lost in the mountains that day, and I will take back what is rightfully ours. Who will join me?"

Lair of the Mountain King

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