Lair of the Mountain King

Turns 11-15

Chapter One
Turns 11-15

Turtles meditates for 3 turns and, with the help of his magic ring, begins to learn how to focus his magical energies becoming a Novice Magician. As the battle against the snake rages, he attempts to calm the creature, but although he is successful, the attempt drives him into a rage and he attacks the snake with the others. Fortunately, Splits has arrived by then with rocks for everyone and they are able to kill the snake and they set to work desecrating its corpse.

Silver investigates the cairn and works out where the missing stone is, but doesn’t know exactly which one it is. Fortunately, the Clan Amulet guides Chief to a likely pile of around 10 rocks and they are able to whittle down the number of choices.

Discoveries: Berry-Bush; Small Cave
Monsters defeated: Berry-Bush Snake



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