Lair of the Mountain King

Turns 36-40

Travels to the Mountain finally learns to become a Novice Magician himself, while Burned By Flames, Envies Turtles, Eaten by Rabbits, Finds Truth and Questions the Nature of the Multiverse all attack and kill the snowbeast.

Splits His Focus and Silver Tongue work on their crafting skills, cutting up a snowbeast pelt into more goblin-sized pieces and skinning rabbits.

Finds Truth and Eaten By Rabbits then explore the little cave and find the corpse of some humanoid guy and his travelling bag.

In an act of great self-sacrifice, Silver Tongue saves the rest of the clan from a mysteriously unlikely monstrous bird thing by using his voice which somehow destroys only him and the bird. Fortunately, Loves Danger has followed the clan to the mountain and takes Silver’s place in the crew. Very shortly afterwards, Questions the Nature of the Multiverse has a bit of a personality crisis, but resolves it thanks to the guiding influence of a new player.



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