Lair of the Mountain King

Turns 46-50

Princess Sparkles throws a hissy fit at being left alone, but Splits manages to calm her down by offering her a bunch of rabbit bones to make some kind of ghost pet with. The rest of the clan knock out Questions the Nature of the Universe and stuff him into the traveller’s sack which is handily goblin-sized. Loves Danger and Eaten by Rabbits carry him back to Princess Sparkles for advice where they meet the semi-resurrected Mr Fluffikins… Eaten by Rabbits understandably freaks out, runs away and hides in a log for a while until he feels better. Loves Danger flirts with Princess Sparkles and starts learning magic.

Meanwhile, the rest of the clan begin a ceremonial cremation of the traveller’s bones and discover that they are the spirit’s physical link to the world. The spirit rushes back to protect its bones, but the goblins are able to magically keep it burning long enough to destroy it completely.

The troll-flu potion is almost complete too, but the clan need more firewood to heat it up.



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