Burned by Flames

Chief of the Clan of the Mountain Halls


Colour: #BF0000


ATT: 3
DEF: 5
HP: 5/5
MP: 1/2

Clan Chief
Novice Magician (L1)

Spells Learned


  • MAIN HAND: Mr. Rock (Version 2)
  • HEAD:
  • BODY: Fishscale Shirt
  • LEGS:
  • FEET:
  • ACCESSORY 1: Clan talisman


  • Mr. Rock (Version 2): 1H. +3 ATT.
  • Merblin Berries: x4
  • Land-berries: x4
  • Dead eel
  • Fishscale Shirt: +3 DEF / +4 in water.
  • Conch Shell: A large spiky, hollow shell.
  • 1000 gil: Probably valuable to someone, somewhere.
  • Phoenix down: x2. Will restore a dying character to full health (must be fed to them by someone else).
  • Pickaxe head: Pretty useless without a handle.
  • Tinderbox and flint
  • Spear: +2 ATT, 2H.
  • Clan Talisman (detects goblin magic; other?). Cannot be unequipped.
  • Small rocks (x4): Hope Mr. Rock doesn’t get jealous!
  • Cooked Red Mushrooms (x2): Ingredient / Food. Can be eaten.
  • Cooked Yellow Mushrooms (x1): Ingredient / Food. Can be eaten.
  • Cooked Brown Mushrooms (x2): Ingredient / Food. Can be eaten.
  • Raw Red Mushrooms (x2): Ingredient / Food. Can be eaten.
  • Raw Brown Mushrooms (x2): Ingredient / Food. Can be eaten.
  • Cooked Green & Red Mossy Stuff: x2 handfuls. Ingredient / Food. Can be eaten.
  • 2x Berries (from cliff bush)
  • Snowbeast pelt: Half remaining
  • Dragon’s Egg Shell Fragment: Can be used to summon aid.

At his naming ceremony, Flames was officially dubbed as Burned-by-Flames: and later on in his life, told what the teller had seen: surrounded by fire, trapped, that he would be one day. And worse of all, the teller couldn’t say wether or not he lived through it: only that he would not come out the same way he went into it. One would expect such a fate to lead to fear of fire, always trying to avoid it. They would be wrong. Burned was a strong minded goblin: if asked how he could be so calm, maybe even enjoying looking at the fire, his reply would always be: “Hey, if it’s gonna happen anyways, why run away from it? Besides- You don’t think I’m gonna let some petty flames really burn me that easily, eh?”

Burned by Flames

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