Eaten by Rabbits


Colour: #808000


ATT: 2
DEF: 5
HP: 5/5
MP: 1/2

Adept Magician (L2)
Fast MP recovery (2 per turn)

Spells Learned
Stoneskin (Rock + Fabric)



  • MAIN HAND: Magic Spear
  • OFF HAND: Stoneskin Hide Shield
  • HEAD: Padded Rockbeast Helmet
  • BODY:
  • LEGS: Stoneskin Trousers
  • FEET:
  • ACCESSORY 1: Anti-rabbit talisman
  • ACCESSORY 2: Golden ring

Heavy Green Rock: From the top of the Mountain
Colourful Robes: 3x Magic slots (1 filled with Fire Energy)
Serpent’s Fang: Taken from the Sea Creature in the Skut Kingdom
Gold Ring: 3 Magic slots (Filled with Fire Energy x3)
Copper Ring: 1 Magic slot (Empty).
Mermaid Berries: x4
Land berries: x3
Silver wand: 4x magic slots (2 slots each contain 1HP; 2 are empty)
Padded Rockbeast Helmet: +1 DEF; +1 ATT if used as the only weapon.
Magic Chestplate: +2 DEF, 1 Magic Slot. Heavy.
Anti-rabbit talisman: When activated, releases a burst of anti-rabbit magic.
9x Berry-bush berries (properties unknown)
Sharpened Rock: A sophisticated adventuring tool, sharpened into a blade.
Broken, Rusty Hunting Knife: A broken knife, consisting of a knife handle and blade fragments.
Stoneskin Rabbit-skin trousers: Partial protection from cold. +1 DEF.
Bear Teeth: Two teeth taken from the snow bear.
Stoneskin Hide Shield: +2 DEF.
Rotting ribcage: x2. Approximately goat sized. Ewww.
Bundle of dried sticks: x4. Ready-to-light campfires.
Magic Spear: x1. A spear made from bone with a wooden shaft. +1 ATT; +1 Magic Slot.


For his entire life, Eaten has, quite understandably, had a pathological fear of rabbits. The fact that rabbits are herbivores has done nothing to ease his fears, especially since Says-stuff-that-could-be-true-but-probably-isn’t claimed one day to have seen a swarm of vicious rabbits take down an adult boar and strip it to the bone in seconds. He is also terrified of many other small mammals, including voles, hedgehogs and squirrels, however he is rather bizarrely quite friendly with foxes and other carnivores – his line of thought is that making friends with something that eats rabbits will help protect him. At first, Eaten was so terrified that he refused to go out, and grew up hiding inside as much as possible. However, that all changed one day when he was forced by his parents to go on a hunt into the forest. Unfit from years with very little physical activity, he was soon left behind by the other hunters, and, lost among the trees, stumbled into a clearing. Poking out of the ground in the centre of the clearing he found a small, circular clay talisman. However, when he looked up he immediately saw a dozen large and angry rabbits, advancing towards him with looks of hunger in their eyes (from his point of view, that is). When Eaten held up the talisman in a defensive gesture it vibrated, and the rabbits turned and bolted – he took it as a sign that the charm had protected him, and since then has always kept the talisman close around his neck, reaching for it when nervous or scared.
Since that day, Eaten has taken it upon himself to stop hiding from his destiny and face it head on, so that when it finally comes calling for him, he can at least go out fighting. He began by honing his combat skills, and eventually became a skilled wielder of twin daggers, perfecting a self-taught fighting style designed for facing lots of small foes at close range. Unfortunately, although it is highly effective against small opponents, it’s only of average usefulness against normal sized enemies, and pretty much unusable against larger foes – Eaten isn’t too worried though, since it’s the small ones that are dangerous. Due to his preoccupation with destiny, and his focus on preparing for it whenever he can, Eaten doesn’t have any close friends; however he does get along well with most other goblins, helping them when they require it. He is also quite smart, and good at puzzles, but he doesn’t really enjoy them a lot if they are very complicated, preferring to let others look at them while he keeps an eye out for furry ambushes.
There are two reasons why Eaten wants to go on the mission. The first is to learn more about his talisman, since according to the teller, the symbol on it appears to be linked to Earth, but Eaten doesn’t know much beyond that. The second reason is his desire to learn defensive magics – he realises that such a small talisman can only have limited power, and wants to find more defensive options to help protect him from the demon rabbits.

Eaten by Rabbits

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