X - Silver Tongue


Colour: #FFFFBF

(Player replacement at turn 39)


Every clan at one time or another spawns great orators, natural politicians and others with a natural skill with words. When the goblin shamans named Silver Tongue, the Mountain Clan rejoiced, thinking that it would at last have an excellent trader, or negotiator or someone else who was able to do through charm what the clan could not do through force of arms or trade. As the goblin child grew his silver colouration struck all who saw him, as did his silence. For almost 5 years Silver Tongue remained utterly without voice. One day whilst watching over the camp of a hunting party, a pack of wolves attacked; Silver Tongue, alone and beset on all sides by hungry mountain wolves finally spoke; his words ripped through the wolves, killing them even as they pounced to rend him limb from limb, his voice echoing from the mountian peaks for miles around like a booming wave of sound. Since that day he has only ever spoken when directly threatened with his life, despite the goading of the tribe who are desperate for such a powerful weapon to use against their enemies. The clan have taken Silver Tongue with them on this quest in the hopes that his voice will be unlocked and will help them on their journey. Silver Tongue is a quiet goblin who is reasonably proficient with most weapons (having had the tribe try to train him to be a weapon since they discovered his voice), although he is reluctant to fight other than in self defence. If pressed he prefers a spear to keep his enemies at a distance whilst waiting for aid to arrive and help him subdue them. For himself, Silver Tongue hopes to find somewhere that he can be alone, to find some way that he might be able to change his voice of destruction to one of creation.

X - Silver Tongue

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