X - Travels to the Mountain / The Quack


Colour: #0000BF

ATT: 1
DEF: 2
HP: 0/5 [Deceased]
MP: 1/1

Novice Magician


  • HEAD:
  • BODY:
  • LEGS:
  • FEET:



At the edge of the clearing stood one goblin, set apart from the others, since technically he was not part of the Clan. His slightly narrower, taller frame and the scar across his cheek all marked him as different that the Clan goblins he now lived with. The Quack’s goblin common is sparse at best and that when he loses his temper he swears in unholy elvish, dwarfen, demonic, and a few other languages, has cemented his reputation as being a tolerated outsider. The only reason that ‘The Quack’ is tolerated is because he is a better healer than even the clan Teller herself, and a decent fighter to boot. He has proved himself several times in medicine by saving goblins, both sick and injured, that the Teller had all but written off. His first encounter with the Teller had given him the name ‘The Quack’ because he had worked on saving a young goblin with the ‘Red Fever’ without trying to use high magic. She had informed every goblin within shouting distance that any goblin who tried to use only potions to cure the ‘Red Fever’ was a “Quack of the First Order”. The name had stuck, mainly because the phrase “Da’haib la Ques Naraheim” (“Travels to the Mountain” in elvish) is a pain to say constantly. Although no one in the Clan knows it, The Quack, was born on a distant coast in the Clan of The False Isle. As a young goblin, he was named ‘Travels to the Mountain’ by his clan elders. The Clan of the False Isle lived on a stretch of land surrounded by water except for two small strips of land that connected it to the shore. Although the land was easy to defend from shore, it was difficult to defend from the sea. And it was the sea that claimed Travels and a few other of his clan mates one morning. On a balmy spring day, Travels was out in a small canoe with his fellow clan mates, Silver Lungs, Bites a Fox, and Regular Guy spear fishing in the shadow of Fish Rock. None of the group saw the tall masts of the Yanksee as she silently glided down from the north around a nearby headland. Nor did the goblin youngsters hear the muffled oars of her long boat as it crept up. No they noticed the dregs collection of dwarves, humans, elves, and haflings in their boat far too late to escape or call for help. After a moment of furry, Regular floated dead in the water while Travels, Silver, and Bites were in the grasp of the pirates from the Yanksee. The Yanksee had been traveling south down the coast grabbing humans, goblins, and other creatures to sell to the Lesser Thuntopia cinnabar mines. Travels, Silver, and Bites were thrown with the rest captured into a fetid hold filled with the accumulated offal and stink of goblins, hobgoblins, and humans. But fate intervened for Travels, less than a day after being thrown in the horrid hold, the Yanksee found herself engaged in a desperate battle. The battle was with the infamous pirate captain Greenhair. Many of the crew of the Yanksee were wounded or killed under the punishing attack of Greenhair. The elven wizard Uso, acting as ship’s surgeon, grabbed Travels from the hold to act as a loblolly boy. Travels assisted in holding down men as arrows were pulled from their wounds, or while whole limbs were hacked from their bodies. He did the job well enough, and so many of the crew were injured after the battle, that Travels continued to serve as the loblolly boy. While his clan mates lay in darkness, filth, and hunger, Travels worked watch after watch, washing patients who fouled themselves, disposing of cut off limbs, feeding sick crew members, and grinding up various components for potions. A few months later, Travels found himself considered a member of the crew, while his clan mates were sold to a Lesser Thuntopian merchant to work in the mines. As Uso’s loblolly boy Travels learned much. He learned the art of healing using knifes, saws, potions and spells. He learned how to set bones and bandage wounds. He learned how to read spell books and alchemists notes. As a member of a pirate crew, even the lowly loblolly boy, he was expected to assist in the taking of prizes, so he learned how to fight with bow or a cutlass; at least enough to cut down other sailors. Travels also learned how to speak elvish and soon forgot almost all of his native goblin tongue, which proved to be a difficulty latter in his life. Fate again intervened in Travel’s life when the Yanksee floundered off the nearby coast in a violent storm. Travels, and most of the long boat crew, were able to escape the sinking ship. On the shore, with no vessel to call home, the group wandered into the village of Low Thub. Since the villagers of Low Thub thought the only goblin was a dead goblin, Travels hid out in a barn while his crew mates went to the local tavern, The Crossed Arms. The Crossed Arms proved to be a disastrous choice for the surviving crew of the Yanksee. In the early evening, notified of their arrival, Lord Pompfree and twenty of his guards appeared, hauled the pirates out of the inn, and hung them from a large oak tree; revenge for a raid on the Lord’s home some eight years prior by the Yanksee. Travels was left alone, to seek a new home in a foreign, alien land. Travels, aka Quack, came to the Clan when he stumbled into a hunting party sent out to deal with a wild boar. The hunters had tracked down and wounded the boar, but the creature had turned and fought rather than run and die. The pain enraged creature had already wounded two of the hunting party goblins. Quack intervened by catching the boar in a noose trap before it could injure or kill any more of the hunting party. By saving them he had earned a place, even one removed, in the clan.

X - Travels to the Mountain / The Quack

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