Lair of the Mountain King

Turns 16-20

Chapter One
Turns 16-20

Finds crafts himself a snakeskull bracer from the dead snake and Turtles turns the skin into a belt to keep as a memento and they strip half the berries off the bush.

Eaten finds a new berry bush on the edge of the western cliffs, then attacks the rabbit warren to the north, but the rabbits have been watching him and are ready for the attack. he is incapacitated and told by the chief rabbit that he must help them destroy his amulet by collecting tokens from the hunters of land, sky, sea and the spirit. So, he forges a truce with the rabbits and agrees to help.

Turtles, Finds and Travels try to move the dead log, but it’s still too heavy. Turn out to be full of tasty tasty bugs though! Turtles meditates and finally works out which is the missing cairn stone.

Discoveries: Rabbit Warren, Cliff-edge berry bush



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