Finds Truth


Colour: #0000FF


ATT: 2
DEF: 1
HP: 5/5
MP: 1/2

Novice Magician (L1)
Novice Craftsman (L1)


  • MAIN HAND: Magic Spear (Fire)
  • HEAD:
  • BODY:
  • LEGS:
  • FEET:
  • ACCESSORY 1: Ring of Heatproofing

Dark green key
Orange key
Magic Arrows: x1. +1 ATT, 1 magic slot (currently empty)
Brass Key
How to brew Poisons, Corrosives and Explosives: A textbook. Slightly singed.
Bone Knife: +1 ATT
4x Handfuls of healing moss: Ingredient
Troll-flu cure recipe
Stoneskin (woollen) shirt: partial protection from cold
Pieces of snowbeast hide: Must be tailored into garments before they will be useful.
Chargrilled rabbit
2x 12 inch lengths of twine
Bundle of sticks: x2. Need to be dried out before they can be burned.
Bear steak: Large. Cooked rare.
Colourful Robe: 3x Magic Slots
Yellow potion: Smells burnt
Red potion: Smells of flowers
Blue potion: Smells of old cheese
Pet Terrapin: Named Pterry.
Pile of wet sticks: Must be dried before they can be burned.
Charred metal plaque: Reads “…TCHERY RULVERY HOT … not hatch naturally, hatching can be induc… EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! Use a fuse and … return to mountain …”
Brittle Bone: +1 ATT, 50% chance of breaking on impact.
Snotty Blanket Cape: A snotty blanket, pinned closed with a small bone.
Arrow shafts: x12. Sticks suitable for making arrows.
Bundle of wet sticks: Must be dried before they can be burned
Wooden Staff: +1 ATT
Squirrel (deceased)
Shortsword: +2 ATT, 1H.
Ring of Heatproofing: Grants a +2 DEF bonus against fire-based attacks
Shiny chainmail: +2 DEF, +2 MDEF. SLOT* (1) = +1DEF Temporary defense
SLOT (2) = Filled with the power of water. Who knows what it’ll do?
*This slot can be filled by a magical effect cast by a suitably experienced weaver. 1 slot is approximately equal to 1 MP’s worth of magic. Effects are variable.
Snowbeast skin shirt: Partial protection against the cold
Woollen trousers: Partial protection against the cold
Snakeskull bracer: +1 ATT, 10% chance of breaking on impact.
Axe: Crafted from bone with a wooden shaft. +2 ATT, 2H, Heavy.
Sharpened Rock: +1 ATT
Snake poison gland: Snake poison. Causes 1HP damage per turn for 3 turns; can be applied to potions or weapons. One use.
Beetles (x3): Ingredient / Food. Can be cooked / eaten.
Journal: A diary found on a corpse in a little cave.
5m Old Rope: A short piece of fairly worn-out rope
Sack: Good for putting stuff in if you don’t have a magical inventory.
1x Bundle of dry sticks
Sinew: x3m. Can be used in crafting.
Bowstring: 1.5m of sinew.
Arrows: x10. Crafted from bone.
Arrowheads: x11. Crafted from bone.
Magic Spear: x1. A spear made from bone with a wooden shaft. +1 ATT; +1 Magic Slot (contains fire).
Basic Spears: x5 A spear made from bone with a wooden shaft. +1 ATT.
Bat Wings: x4
Bat Hide: x2
Bat Fangs: x4


Finds has been searching for something for most of his life. He doesn’t really know what it is, but it feels important. He hopes that heading to the mountain will be what his soul needs.

Finds Truth

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