Comes Out Of His Shell


Colour: #40BF00


ATT: 4
DEF: 4
HP: 2/5
MP: 2/3

Adept Magician (L2)
Fast MP recovery (2 per turn)
Bonus to “Animation” Spells
Bonus to “Wind” Spells
Bonus to “Lightning Spells”

Spells Learned:
Stoneskin (rock + cloth / hide)
Steelskin (metal + cloth / hide)


  • MAIN HAND: Greatsword
  • OFF HAND: Greatsword
  • HEAD:
  • BODY: Bloodweave Shirt
  • LEGS:
  • FEET:
  • ACCESSORY 1: Magic Ring (+1 MP)
  • ACCESSORY 2: Silver Ring (2 slots)
  • ACCESSORY 3: Magic amulet (3 slots)

Princess Sparkles & Mr. Fluffikins (in a small box)
Scale Belt
Bloodweave Shirt: +3 DEF. Will restore HP to the wearer if they are knocked to 0HP or less. (Cooldown = 50 turns.)
Silver Ring: 2 magic slots (1 contains 1HP)
Serpent Horn: The horn from the water-serpent.
Greatsword: +3ATT. 2H.
Egg: Found underwater
Iron knife blade: Just needs a grip and it’ll be finished
Rusty Shortsword: x1 25% chance of breaking when used.
Magic amulet: Contains 3 magic slots [1 slot: ‘Lightning’ energy – effects are unknown]
Magic Ring: +1 MP
Scale Belt: Very fetching! (metal + snakeskin)
Snotty Stoneskin Blanket Cloak: Protects from the cold; +1 DEF.
Bundle of wet sticks: Must be dried before they can be burned
Lump of rusty metal: Old, rotten metal. Not useful for much.


Formerly Envies Turtles.

Forced into being the errand runner at a young ages Envy had had to run to and fro on others whims most of his life. His only solace was found sitting by the river when time permitted and watch the turtles play out their slow and relaxed lives. Envy desire if simply to have more control over his own life and choose his own path what ever it may be.

Envy no more for now is the time to emulate! After getting in touch with his “truly-turtlely” side, Shell lives his life a little slower now, focusing on the flowing energies around him. His skin seems darker and he’s almost like a totally different Goblin.

Comes Out Of His Shell

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