Splits His Focus

Belongs to the Clan of the Mountain Lair


Colour: #000000


ATT: 5
DEF: 3
HP: 5/5
MP: 2/2

Adept Magician (L1)
Novice Craftsman (L1)
Adept Tailor (L2)


  • MAIN HAND: Stormreaver
  • OFF HAND: Stormreaver
  • HEAD:
  • BODY: Stoneskin rabbitskin shirt
  • LEGS: Stoneskin trousers
  • FEET:
  • ACCESSORY 1: Simple bone amulet: 1 magic slot (empty)
  • ACCESSORY 2: Silver Ring: 2 magic slots (Each contains 1HP)

Serpent’s Fang: (x1) Taken from the Sea Creature in the Skut Kingdom
Vials with weird green goo inside (x3)
Pouch half full of gemstones
Silver dragon statuette, with yellow and green eyes.
Silver and gold coins (lots)
Valuable cloths (silks, balls of wool, rolls of cotton)
Bone with sticky weeds wrapped round it. The weeds are very sticky and might make a useful glue.
Stormreaver: +4 ATT / 2 magic slots [Filled with Fire!]: A 2-handed Greatsword found inside a giant anemone.
Mermaid berry: Transmogrifies the consumer into an aquatic variant.
Owlbear Pelt: Feathery AND furry!
Ornate dagger: +1 ATT
Toolbox: Contains a small chisel and length of wire (approx. 1m).
Stoneskin trousers: +1 DEF, partial protection against the cold
Stoneskin rabbitskin shirt: +1 DEF, partial protection against the cold
Fine Woollen shirt: Partial protection against the cold. Expertly made.
Rabbitskin shoes: Slight protection against the cold.
Sharpened rock (Tool / +1ATT, 50% chance of breaking during an attack)
Bone needle
Human-sized leg bone
1x Rock Monster meat (raw)
Bear Fat
Tonfa: x2. +1ATT (each). Can be wielded 1H or 2H.
Simple Amulet: Carved from bone. 1 Magic Slot.
Bundle of dry sticks: x2. Ready to burn


Splits is interested in tinkering with weapons, and magic. Making them, using them, playing with them, it’s all good. It’s close to being all he thinks about. (Magic and weapons, weapons and magic, magic weapons, weapons that shoot magic. Ooh! Magic that shoots weapons! Genious!) And he’s eager to help reclaim the clans lost glory. And the stuff. Stuff is always good. You can use stuff to kill stuff and trade for other stuff… and junk, which isn’t as good as stuff, but sometimes you can hook a bunch of junk together and turn it into stuff.

Splits His Focus

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