Adventurer's Diary


The diary of a dead adventurer found in a little frozen cave. The entries read:

“Dear diary,
Finally after all this time I’ve finally found the mountain that old elf was talking about! I guess they really don’t forget much after all… I’ve found a little freshwater spring today and managed to shoot a rabbit for dinner – real meat for the first time in weeks! This is going to be a good trip!”

The next few pages are waterdamaged…

“Dear Diary,
I swear the rabbits have started following me! Strange little creatures that they are… Still no progress finding the entrance to this stupid mountain kingdom though. There MUST be some knack to it, I just need to find out what… Those bears I ran into the other day haven’t made any more appearances, but I’ve moved my camp to a little cave just in case so I can at least get some sleep. I’m pretty sure they won’t be able to fit in here… Not the big ones at least.

Damn. It’s started raining again."

“Dear Diary,
It’s been nearly a month now and there’s still no sign of the goblin stronghold… I’m starting to think that the map must be a fake. Still, I’m here now and there’s plenty of food and water around so I might as well make sure. There is certainly a mystical quality to the place which is very peaceful. It’s strange to think that such an evil race once tainted it with their dark arts and strange goblin magics. Assuming they existed at all of course.”

The next few pages have crumbled away…

“… drowned today. I’ll not be swimming in the river again, that was too close today. What the hell was I thinking?”

There’s a scrawling mess over the next few pages, which is almost entirely illegible, but the next readable entry reads:

“Dear Diary.
I licked a mushroom yesterday and spent the rest of day listening to colours. It was very odd, and yet made me feel somehow connected to this place… I’ll need to continue my ‘experiments’!”

“Dear Diary,
Still no sign of the bloody goblins, and I nearly got caught in a bloody avalanche as well. The snow’s really starting to come in up here, but I think I’ll be ok for another few weeks. There must be something up here. I’ve been trying to distill out the chemicals in the mushrooms to make them more potent and I’m getting close I know it! If only I could understand what the visions mean!”

Several pages have been ripped out then one final entry.

“Dear Diary,
I should have left here while it was still summer… A snowstorm hit the mountain nearly a week ago and I’m trapped in my little cave. It’s so cold… I’ve run out of water, but I think it will be the cold that does the job for me. Whoever finds this, know that the mountain goblins were a lie. There’s nothing here and no great treasure. May the goblins of this place be cursed forever. A curse on all you damn creatures!”


Adventurer's Diary

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